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In front of your eyes lies an endless expanse of blue, like an unfurling atlas... Within your spirit, invigorated by the myriad hues of nature, a sense of indescribable celebration thrives... That feeling you've yearned for, yet couldn't quite define, now finds its meaning. Because here, in Tamara, is where dreams materialize. The vibrant happiness that makes one say, "How fortunate we are to have come here," slowly envelops you too. Here, amidst friends, you will relish the joy of companionship to the fullest. We have prepared a holiday experience for you in this corner reminiscent of paradise, where unlimited comfort awaits. Now, make ample space in your memory for the memories to come. For you will remember Tamara for years to come.

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If you have reached the magical region of Kaş, the Villa Hotel Tamara is located only 4 Km from the disturbing nature of the overcrowded centre, it lies just opposite the island of Kastellorizo, on the peninsula of Çukurbağ directly at the seaside. One of the features that comprise the incomparable view of Tamara, are the cute little islands that exist under the title "Dalmatian Coast" in this shape only in the Adriatic, the ancient Greek coasts and in Turkey in Kaş. While you enjoy your cocktail and the incomparable view, you can, if you're lucky, watch the incomparable performances of dolphins in the sea.


You can enjoy the warm summer days on the special platform built on the rocks adorning the crystal clear sea of the Mediterranean.

The beach platform of Tamara is magical, where you can relax like nowhere else. The sun seems to shine brighter here and beach life is full of taste, cocktails and exquisite services. Life in Çukurbağ Peninsula and Tamara is definitely a memorable experience. Discover how such this gorgeous coast of Kaş becomes a point of reference for the good life.



Aliv serves up an avant-garde cuisine that combines methods and local ingredients from our native culinary tradition with international elements to offer our guest a multi-sensorial experience in each dish. Our food will lift your spirit in our Seaview restaurant.We privilege the quality of ingredients and elevate them to capture the wholesome essence of Mediterranean in every single plate.

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Herbs, which are frequently used in the Mediterranean kitchen, such as sage, which is used to dry as a tea and fresh as a seasoning for meat dishes, various oregano species, of which one may say that they are the symbol of Mediterranean cuisine, mountain tea, with its splendid flavour, which grows only in a few countries, savory from which one can win tea, spices and essential oils, the miracle-working balm herb that has both a treating and calming effect, rosemary, which is a great flavour for food and salads, laurel leaves, which have an analgesic effect and are used in Mediterranean cooking often, and many other herbs are grown on our farm in the hills above Kaş, which is the largest organic farm in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, and come from there to our hotel in order to make you enjoy the food and the drinks.  This not only a perfect vacation is waiting for you, but also healthy and delicious food and drinks.

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