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Here we offer you the comfort of your home. The Tamara is your second home in a sense. Here you have everything you need for a happy holiday. At the Tamara, you are both experiencing the beauty of nature and spend a relaxing holiday. Of our 28 rooms 18 have been designed as Infinity rooms, 7 as Horizon suites and 3 as Aqua suites. Choose one of them, depending on your requirements, and start to feel the comfortable breeze of the Mediterranean.


If you have chosen one of the suites, which are slightly afar from the main building, then you can enjoy the panoramic window views of the magnificent beauty of Kaş. You might also want to rest first,in this case a jacuzzi is waiting for you in your bedroom. If you find it entertaining to enjoy your drink with a view of the Greek islands, this dream can come true in all our rooms and suites.


At the Tamara, there are many ways to make your holiday a real experience. You will be so happy to be here, you probably will not want to leave.

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