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Kaş, one of the important Lycia cities, offers cultural excursions to the cities and values of antiquity that surrounds this province; with dives into the depths of the Mediterranean, where the excitement of the underwater world is palpable; adventurous canoe trips on the rivers, hiking in the nature, where you can discover the ecological balance; cave dives with technical equipment in deep, dark caves, paragliding from the high mountains towards the turquoise sea, with boat trips to the surrounding area and the Mediterranean islands, looking like jewels in the sea and much more.

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Kaş is a small fishing town belonging to the province of Antalya. Kaş is located 168 km west of Antalya center and is famous for its diving, yachting and touristic activities. A tourist resort is relatively unspoilt... Kaş is on a hill in the southwest of Turkey, the turquoise coast. It is a quiet and charming town with its turquoise blue sea and narrow streets adorned with jasmine flowers. Lots of places to relax and listen to live music after a day of scuba diving, nice restaurants serving delicious food or small bars to have fun... The annual arts festival in Kas, jazz concerts in the Hellenistic theater and the Kiln Under the Sea art community are here, organizes underwater ceramic exhibitions.


Although the Teke peninsula has been occupied since the Stone Age, it seems Kaş was founded by the Lycians, and its name in Lycian language was Habesos or Habesa. It was a member of the Lycian League, and its importance during this time is confirmed by the presence of one of the richest Lycian necropoleis.


In the Hellenistic period and under the Roman Empire it served as the port of Phellus. For information on its history at that time and on its archaeological remains, see the article on Antiphellus, the name by which it was known at that time.

The town suffered because of Arab incursions, then was annexed (under the name of Andifli) to the Anatolian Sultanate of Rum, led by the Seljuks. After the demise of the Seljuks, it came under the Ottomans.

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